Importance of Quality Furniture - Lock & Key Furnishings

Author: Ashley Stocks | | Categories: Furnishings And Accessories , Home Accessories

Quality always comes with many attachments regardless of what that quality is associated with in regards to the buying process. Higher prices for higher quality furniture is to be expected, but it also brings along a sense of class as well as exquisite decor for your home.

The higher the quality of furniture, the longer it will serve you and your needs. We, here at Lock & Key, cannot say the same for the inexpensive imported furniture that is mass-produced in China; they may appear “beautiful”, but durability is an issue. The tiny errors made when manufacturing low-quality furniture, or lack of detail, become more pronounced with time, therefore, costing you more in repairs and replacement. The decision to buy these types of pieces is more of an easy buy, you are not spending an immense amount of money for something you have been told is “well made” but you are getting what you think is a good deal. In the end, the difference in cost from a typical piece of furniture as opposed to a high-quality piece is not as substantial as it seems at that time. However, selecting the higher quality piece will end up saving you more than the difference in the long run. In our case, fine furnishings at a higher price point mean they have been skillfully handmade and have undergone rigorous quality control before being released for sale. Since these purchases are long term investments, our advice is to wait until you have the appropriate funds to make these purchases.

High quality furniture is something that Lock & Key fully supports. All our manufacturers for upholstery and case goods have artisans that build, assemble, and customize each piece of furniture to meet the highest standards, including comfort because comfortable furniture can significantly improve your everyday life. It is important to us that we provide our customers with pieces designed by hand so that you know your piece is truly custom and built to last.

Great furniture also comes with unique aesthetic appeal. When your furniture is visually appealing, it can enhance the inviting feeling in the space. We offer home design services to help determine what added elements can elevate your space to one that is ideal for your lifestyle. The design services include recommendations for upholstery, case goods, lighting, rugs, accessories, and even hardwood flooring. Once we have established a strong design outline, we can then order all your custom pieces for delivery to your home.

Something that is probably not at the front of your mind when shopping for furniture is safety. When you buy quality home furnishings, you are assured of safety when using them daily. Those made inexpensively could be potentially hazardous to the user. Poorly assembled furniture can cause injuries if it breaks apart during use or may contain dangerous chemicals that could harm children, adults, and pets.

Every product provided by Lock & Key Furnishings is of the highest quality and gives you peace of mind knowing that you will be provided with ultimate comfort, resilience, strength, and trendy, ideal design. When you choose to work with Lock & Key, we give you our promise to make the design process smooth, and to meet your needs and desires with the personalized pieces we offer.