Owner Spotlight: Kacie Lassiter

Author: Lock & Key Furnishings Ltd | | Categories: Furnishings And Accessories

Hi, I’m Kacie Lassiter, proud owner of Lock and Key Furnishings.

Being in business has been a dream and a vision of mine for many years.

I have always had a passion for design; whether that be in space planning, choosing the best colors for a space, or finding the perfect accessory to balance out the larger items in the room. I am a strong believer that design is essential to everything we do. Literally everything we see and know is designed with some purpose and idea in mind. The type of design just varies.

I was born and raised in Hampton, Virginia and am proud to call Hampton Roads home. I attended Radford University and received my degree in Interior Design in 2012. Radford’s Design program is one of the most esteemed programs in the country. The program was ranked in the top 10 Design programs in 2011 by Design Intelligence. Their mission statement is “Inspiring and empowering professionals to creatively lead change”. I knew I was born with the creative gene and knew that I would choose a path that utilized my creative talents, however I did not know exactly how I would harness them and turn it into a career. My experiences at Radford taught me the knowledge and skills to do exactly that.

I started in the furniture retail business in 2012 where I quickly realized that furniture was an aspect of design that I was extremely excited about and wanted to know more about. The following year, I began specializing in floor covering where I worked alongside of my father at his company Just Floored, Inc. We established Lock & Key in October of 2016 after 3 and a half years of in-depth research where we decided what manufacturers to partner with who would align best with our business model.

As a co-owner and President, my responsibilities are essentially endless. I do everything from advising customers on their selection decisions, keeping the books, and meeting with manufactures, to cleaning the sinks and toilets. Since we are so new, I must wear many hats. This is a benefit of being a small business owner, that every day is different and holds new tasks. Each morning begins with much needed coffee and checking my emails. My average day lasts between 8 and 9 hours. The most exciting part of my day though, would be helping customers with their design choices, or selecting the best pieces for the showroom floor. These aspects harness my creative energy and express my flair for innovation.

The most important decision by far that I face is where to invest our finances. This comes with being a new business. Being a good steward is hands down the foundation of any business, in my opinion. The top three skills I employ daily to be successful are: creativity, attentiveness and tenacity. I owe my success to my education and my biggest fan, my father. He is my business partner and co-owner. Without him and his support, all this would have remained a dream.

Making the first sale at Lock & Key was the most satisfying moment in my business life. All the time and effort we put into creating the business finally bore fruit with that sale.

My experiences have shaped me as a leader. As Captain of my high school band's Color Guard, I focused on discipline, dedication, and striving for perfection. Over time, I realized that being passionate about what you do is most important though. In college and as a young adult, I led mission teams and ministry groups which contributed to my leadership development.

A company that I admire is TOMS Shoes. I aspire one day to mirror their devotion to community and helping others. They are an innovative company who consistently introduce new, trend-setting products while never losing sight of their mission statement or surrendering their values.

I love to travel and explore what this amazing world has to offer. One of my passions is searching for vintage pieces which helped shape design history. I visit antique stores and flea markets far and wide. I am a firm believer that if you do not have an appreciation for where things came from, you won’t appreciate them as they evolve.

I personally value strong relationships. These connections in my life are top priority. God, my family, and my friends are of the highest importance to me. Without their support I would not be where I am today. I have enjoyed sharing my story about what matters to me and how it all influences the way I do business. If you, or someone you know could benefit from our expertise in home furnishings, flooring, rugs, lighting and accessories, I invite you to get in touch with the team at Lock & Key Furnishings.