Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Furniture

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A house is incomplete without furniture, like a canvas without paint. Besides providing you with a place to sit, eat, sleep and relax, furniture also adds to the character of your home. The furnishing you choose for a room should enhance the area by making it more spacious, beautiful, and comfortable.

When furnishing their home, many people have their hearts set on certain features like comfort, attractiveness, functionality, luxury, or even colors and textures. However, at the end of their furniture shopping spree, they end up disappointed when everything is put together. Maybe the couch is too dull, or the dining table is bigger than it should be, or the rugs don’t suit the floors.

To help you avoid some basic errors that could result in bad investments that leave you unhappy, Lock & Key Furnishings Ltd. has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when shopping for furniture.

1. Not considering your lifestyle when buying furniture. Sometimes clients tend to jump right at something because it has a good color or it looks comfortable. However, you must consider different aspects of your lifestyle like pets, kids, your living space, and lighting. These aspects will and should affect the way you buy furniture. For example, a durable fabric sofa works well for a family with kids and pets, a fade resistant fabric sofa is excellent in a naturally lit sunroom, and avoiding bulky furniture in a small space creates the illusion of spaciousness.

2. Not measuring the furniture you like and space you have. Sometimes clients think if they like a piece of furniture, it should fit in the room (or through the doorway). That is not always the case. Before purchasing any furniture, measure the space it will take up and any doorways it will have to pass through. These measurements will tell you exactly what size furniture will fit and look good in the allotted space.

3. Buying a rug that is too small. Many times clients think that the living room rug must fit within the confines of the sofa and chairs set up. However, Jaimee Rose of Jaimee Rose Interiors says, “In a perfect world, all four legs of your sofa and chairs are on the rug.” A rug that is too big for a room can cause it to look smaller than it is.”

4. Thinking furniture sets are the only way to buy furniture. Yes, everything will be uniform and designed the same. There is nothing “wrong” with that. However, “Design is about layering textures and materials, and it should also tell your story,” says Jaimee Rose. Going for a set takes away mixtures of tones, styles, and textures. Add some flavor and express yourself through your furniture, it gives off a lively feeling.

5. Not understanding the construction of the furniture being purchased. Many customers will look at a piece of furniture, think it looks good, then buy it. They may sit on a sofa that is comfortable and get it immediately. However, understanding the quality of the furniture is the most important part of furniture shopping. If a customer purchases wood furniture that turns out to be particle board instead of solid hardwood, that piece of furniture has significantly lower quality and is unlikely to last as long as hardwood furniture.

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