What Makes Lock & Key Furnishings Ltd. Stand Out

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About Lock & Key Furnishings Ltd.

Our company focuses on selling new, custom furniture. We are a small family owned and operated business with only two employees. We are a storefront operation in Williamsburg but focus heavily on online catalogs. As we have so many customizable options, the best way for customers to view all of our available design options is via our website - www.lockandkeyfurnishings.com.

We opened our storefront location in October 2016. Kacie, the owner, had the dream of opening her own furniture store for many years before it became a reality. There were about three to four years of research done before opening the store to find the highest quality furniture to sell. Kacie’s dream is all about educating her customers so that they fully understand the quality, design, and functionality of the furniture that she sells.

Our business is still in a state of growth. Over the past two years, we have adapted to the unknowns that come for a new business. It has been tough to start a business from scratch, yet unbelievably rewarding to create relationships with our customers, establish ourselves in this awesome community, and discover more about how to better provide for the consumers. As we are a growing business, we are open to travel throughout the Hampton Roads area and all the way up to Richmond, VA, as well. We have served customers in Williamsburg, Newport News, Yorktown, Virginia Beach, New Kent, Gloucester, and more.

The Lock & Key Furnishings Ltd. Difference

The thing that we are the proudest of here at Lock & Key is our desire and ability to create relationships with our customers. Our primary strengths are customer service, design knowledge, and passion for quality furniture. We focus on ensuring our customers are happy, educated on the furniture, and completely understand that we are willing and excited to help them through the design process along the way.

We have the opportunity to provide our customers with a special line of slipcovered furniture. This furniture is not what you typically think of when you hear slipcovered. The manufacturer that we partner with, Four Seasons, has specialized in the functionality of slipcovered furniture. It is wonderful for families with kids or pets that are looking for easy to clean furniture, but with a beautiful look at the same time. We also specialize in floor covering as well. We can provide customers with carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate, vinyl, etc. Our flooring, mixed with our furniture and design, can act as a one-stop shop for customers looking to change up their home!

While we do have mid-high end furniture with a higher price point than some competitors, we promise to provide the absolute best customer service in our industry. Furniture is an industry of hospitality, and we want our customers to feel like family!

One of our biggest achievements has been in 2017 when we were awarded a local award for the Best Local Furniture Store by the Daily Press. We were honored and excited to receive this award, and we viewed it as such a great achievement, earning a respected name for ourselves in the Williamsburg community.

Our dream for Lock & Key Furnishings is to continue to grow so we can better serve our customers. We would love to be successful in the industry and really turn Lock & Key into a household name throughout the Hampton Roads region and beyond.

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